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Luncheons: Books that Ask Big Questions

Building on the success of Ask Big Questions luncheons over the last two years, these gatherings, designed to engage men and women, will center around four great books. Our conversations will aim to foster curiosity, share wisdom, build trust, strengthen community, and deepen understanding through the gift of a great book, all while enjoying lunch in good company We will ask "big questions" that matter to everyone and that everyone can answer based on our reading and our own lived experience. Join us for one or all four!
(Book descriptions can be found below. All the books can be found in the Beth Meyer Library.)

Select days, 12:30 - 2:30PM (see dates below)
In the Beit Am, participants should bring their own dairy/parve lunch, we will supply drinks and desserts
No fee, but RSVPs are helpful

Sept 9 This is Real and You are Completely Unprepared RSVP here
Nov 12 If All the Seas Were Ink RSVP here
Feb 11 My Grandfather's Blessings RSVP here
Apr 2 Einstein and the Rabbi RSVP here


This is real and You are Completely Unprepared 
For many of us, this holiday season can feel overwhelming, painful, and even empty. How might a radical re-understanding of these “Days of Awe" invite our hearts to crack open so that our deepest prayers can find expression? Lew’s epic book weaves together countless invisible lines of connection to render the season from Tisha B’Av through Simhat Torah as the most soulful and human journey one could ever take!

If All the Seas Were Ink
How do we put one foot in front of the other when our world has fallen apart due to loss and heartbreak? Kurshan’s exquisite book chronicles her 7 1/2 year journey studying the Talmud from start to finish as she heals from her own personal losses and finds her footing once again.

My Grandfather's Blessings
What are the greatest blessings you inherited from loved ones who have passed from this world? How does their wisdom sustain you and help you to grow? Dr. Remen explores her own journey with chronic
illness, her precious relationship with her grandfather and her vast experience as a doctor’s doctor to bring forth some of the most beautiful wisdom you will find.

Einstein and the Rabbi
What is the “soul” according to Jewish tradition? How does our understanding of the “soul” offer us access to the Oneness woven into the universe? Levy embarks on a journey to understand Albert Einstein’s concept of the soul and in doing so, unearths Judaism’s most compelling wisdom about the nature of our souls, how our souls live on after we die, and how we can live more fully with this knowledge.

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Mon, April 6 2020 12 Nisan 5780