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As our Director of Spiritual Engagement, Rabbi Jenny Solomon offers multiple classes throughout the year.

Many of these classes have ended for the year. Stay tuned for great opportunities in Fall 2020.

A Journey into Jewish Mindfulness Meditation: B’rahamim Tashuv (Returning in Compassion)

Mindfulness meditation is a practice designed to support and sustain our Jewish lives and the fulfillment of our Jewish values. In mindfulness meditation we train our capacity to pay attention to what is happening on the inside. This helps us become aware of the patterns and habits that run our lives. We begin to realize that these patterns and habits may serve our goals, desires, and purposes - but often they do not. We start to realize that there actually is a "pause button" built into our system. With mindfulness training, we can learn how to pause before reacting. This course offers the fundamental principles of Jewish mindfulness meditation. With guidance, learning, and opportunities for practice - this course is designed to help participants create the foundation for a meditation practice that can provide an inner refuge or sanctuary that we can take with us wherever we go, so that no matter the circumstances we find ourselves in, no matter how stressful and strenuous our responsibilities may become, we can always discern a subtle quality of awareness hovering in the backdrop and permeating our experience of body, heart, mind and world. This spiritual practice is intended to help us be more present, more connected, and more awakened to what really matters. If you have extensive practice in meditation or you are a total beginner, all are welcome.

This class has concluded for the year. New opportunities coming soon!

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Tue, July 14 2020 22 Tammuz 5780