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Every Wednesday is an opportunity for study at Beth Meyer. These Wednesday sessions, meeting 11 a.m.-noon, are open to the entire community and operate on a drop-in basis (no need to commit to attend every sessions). Currently this class meets on Zoom. The Zoom link will be sent to you upon registration (free) and is a recurring link. Rabbis Eric and Jenny Solomon, and Amy Ripps will mostly alternate weeks; see the tables below for exact topics and dates.  

Summer 2021

Join Amy Ripps this summer on Wednesday mornings at 11 a.m. for a march through Jewish History covering the second millennium. We'll begin on June 9 and will run according the schedule below until we end the 20th century on Sept 15. Each class stands alone so you can join us at any time. We also will be recording these sessions so if you miss a "century" you can always catch up by watching the recording! Register here.

Jewish History Jewish History (cont)
June 9 July 14
June 16 July 28
June 23 Aug 18
June 30 Sept 1 
July 7 Sept 15

Coming this Fall 2021

These Wednesday sessions, from 11 a.m.-noon, are open to the entire community and operate on a drop-in basis — no need to commit to attend every session! These classes will likely meet via Zoom to begin with. Stay tuned for updates.

  • Rabbi Eric Solomon teaches Pirkei Avot from, Lev Shalem Pirkei Avot, which significantly impacts our understanding of this classic, ancient text.
  • Rabbi Jenny Solomon offers a class in Mussar using the book, With Heart and Mind (Morinis). Mussar is a spiritual practice for developing a strong and open heart. Please purchase the book (available at many online sites from $13.50-$20). Rabbi Jenny will also share her screen with the texts.
  • Amy Ripps: Jews first came to these shores in 1624 when 24 Jewish refugees from Recife, Brazil, sailed into New Amsterdam — only to be imprisoned by Peter Stuyvesant! We'll begin with these 24 Jews in 1654 and will work our way up to the present day.
Pirkei Avot Pirkei Avot (cont) Mussar  Mussar (cont) Jewish History Jewish History (cont)
Oct. 27 Mar. 23 Oct. 6 Feb. 16 Oct. 20 Mar. 16
Nov. 17 Mar. 30 Oct. 13 Mar. 2 Nov. 10 Apr. 6
Dec. 15 Apr. 13 Nov. 3 Mar. 9 Dec. 8 Apr. 27
Jan. 19 May 4 Dec. 1 Apr. 20 Jan. 5 May 18
Feb. 9 May 25 Jan. 12 May 11 Feb. 2  
    Jan. 26 Jun. 1 Feb. 23  
Sat, September 18 2021 12 Tishrei 5782