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Beth Meyer is always happy to welcome special guests - as guest speakers on Shabbat, and for other special programs. 


On Shabbat, November 10th, we welcomed Judith Sands. She spoke about the challenges of caregiving and end-of-life care. Click here to listen.

On Shabbat, November 3rd, we welcomed Shannon Hardy. She and her students talked about early lynchings in Wake County. Click here to listen.

On Shabbat, June 16th, we welcomed Steve Hammel. Steve and his wife Renee recently returned from the March of the Living, and he shared some of their experiences with us. Click here to listen. Click here to listen to the Q&A that followed.

On Shabbat, May 19th, we welcomed Julia Dorfman. She talked to us about her developing view of the mix of science and religion, using her experiences both here at Beth Meyer and her secular high school, Cary Academy. Click here to listen. Click here to listen to the Q&A.

On Shabbat, March 24th, we welcomed Rabbi Melissa Simon, Senior Jewish Educator at UNC Hillel. She spoke about what the Passover story can teach us about life on college campuses. Click here to listen.


On Shabbat, December 9th, we welcomed Josh Orol.  He gave a d'var about trans and gender-fluid identities in the parsha, and offered thoughts on how Beth Meyer can be a welcoming place for all. Click here to listen.

On Shabbat, October 28th, we welcomed Beth Meyer congregant, Mark Goldhaber. He and his wife Susan traveled to Eastern Europe this summer to visit the village where Mark's mother, a Shoah survivor, was raised. Click here to listen to his story.

On Shabbat, October 14th, we welcomed Rabbi Elana Friedman, Campus Rabbi at Duke University. Click here to listen to her thoughts on Breishit.

On Shabbat, October 7th, we welcomed Irv Elenberg as our guest speaker. He is the Regional Director for the American Technion Society, and shared with us how they help Israel survive and thrive! Click here for audio.

On September 16th, Amy Ripps shared what she learned from her trip to Poland. Click here to hear about her trip.

On July 8, we welcomed congregant Virginie Rumsch. She shared the story of Simone Veil, a holocaust survivor who served as Health Minister in France and as the President of the European Parliment.  Click here to listen to this fascinating story.

For Erev Shavuot (May 30), Beth Meyer and Yavneh joined together for a night of study. The first session was a panel of Jews by choice. You can hear their individual stories here.
Cathy K.     Carol G.     Ron B.     Terry M.     Q&A session

On May 20, during Shabbat services, we were honored to host Joe Holt Jr, who was the first African American student to apply to attend an all-white Raleigh school. Click here to listen to his discussion with Rabbi Solomon.

On May 6, during Shabbat services, we were honored to host congregant Sam Bayer.  He shared his father's story as a passenger on the Exodus, the famous ship that attempted to take Jewish refugees to Palestine after WWII. Click here to listen.

Sun, November 29 2020 13 Kislev 5781