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The following resources may be helpful when planning your simhah.

Calendar of upcoming B-Mitzvah
Usher list for upcoming B-Mitzvah
A Guide to Becoming B-Mitzvah at Beth Meyer Synagogue
Sample letter for non-Jewish friends and family
Video demonstrations of service honors for family and friends - *NEW*
Prayer for Peace
The "mitzvah" part of all this! - click here for tikkun olam ideas for your simhah (celebration)
How to "green" your simha
Final synagogue office checklist, due 2 weeks before simhah - click here to print for submission
Facilities Use Policy
Kashrut and Allergy Policy

For preferred language regarding various Beth Meyer Synagogue customs (electronics usage, head covering, etc...) click here

You may view several examples of "programs" for a b-mitzvah by following the links below. 
 It is NOT mandatory to provide a program.  If you choose to do so, please provide the school office ( with a copy for review before printing. 

Program #1
Program #2
Program #3


Students can click here for audio links to use for their at-home practice.

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