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As our Director of Spiritual Engagement, Rabbi Jenny Solomon offers multiple classes throughout the year. You can find information regarding these classes throughout the website, but this will provide an overview. Links are provided for more information and registration opportunities. 
Click here to donate to the Spiritual Engagement Fund, which supports Rabbi Jenny's programming and community outreach.

Study with Rabbi Jenny

Wise Aging

This 9-session experience, created by the Institute for Jewish Spirituality, is designed for those who are 55 and older and is aimed at giving Jewish adults a meaningful place to open up conversations about what it means to get older and to create new understandings about life so we can live with spirit, resilience and joy. Topics are explored using mindfulness and contemplative practices to deepen the inner and outer journeys of participants. Click here for details, including cost and registration.

A Journey into Jewish Mindfulness Meditation: B’rahamim Tashuv (Returning in Compassion)

Mindfulness meditation is a practice designed to support and sustain our Jewish lives and the fulfillment of our Jewish values. This spiritual practice is intended to help us be more present, more connected, and more awakened to what really matters. If you have extensive practice in meditation or you are a total beginner, all are welcome. Click here for details, including cost and registration.

Soulful Judaism

Becoming a Soulful Parent

This class is designed to gather a small group of parents to embrace their daily parenting struggles and rewards through the context of Jewish wisdom and community. This course allows parents to take time our of their hectic lives to reflect honestly about the challenges and joys of parenting. Click here for details, including cost and registration.

Sibling Rivalry: A Soulful Re-frame

Does your children's bickering drive you nuts? In this class we will take a break from the wearing grind of family turmoil and offer a soulful re-frame to get to what's really at the core of sibling rivalry.
This class is designed for both co-parents and single parents.  Click here for details, including cost and registration.

Becoming a Soulful Couple

Everything important in our lives requires maintenance, attention, and fine tuning. Too often, the hectic pace of life makes it hard for us to create time and space to nurture the relationship that matters most. Through a soulful Jewish lens, this course is designed to give couples of any age or stage tools to understand themselves and each other more deeply in order to fuel intimacy and connection. Click here for details, including cost and registration.

Books that Ask Big Questions

Building on the success of Ask Big Questions luncheons over the last two years, these gatherings, designed to engage men and women, will center around four great books. Our conversations will aim to foster curiosity, share wisdom, build trust, strengthen community, and deepen understanding through the gift of a great book, all while enjoying lunch in good company We will ask "big questions" that matter to everyone and that everyone can answer based on our reading and our own lived experience. Join us for one or all four! Click here for dates and books, there is no fee for this program.

Yoga Classes

Yoga Minyan at Beth Meyer

Beth Meyer offers monthly Shabbat morning yoga in the Lounge* as a great addition to our Shabbat spiritual practice. The program begins at 9:00 a.m. and ends by 10:15 a.m. Participants are encouraged to come as they are for our Torah Service and Musaf that follow immediately in the sanctuary. Props and mats are provided - but you may bring your own mat if you prefer. This is a mat-based yoga practice, with guidance and options for all levels. Click here for details, there is no fee for this program.

"Va'ani Tefilati" (I am my prayer) - Embodied Prayer Through Gentle Yoga: Holiday Series

In this practice, you will engage in gentle movements and rest in stillness with the support of props such as blankets, bolsters, and blocks. This quiet and rejuvenating practice helps melt away tension in the body and offers another avenue to express our prayers, moving from rote recitation to meaningful and contemplative embodied prayer. This particular series is aimed at preparing out bodies and souls for the holidays: Rosh Hashanah/Yom Kippur, Hanukkah, Passover and Shavuot. Click here for details, there is no fee for this program, but registration is recommended.

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