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Job Title: Ritual Coordinator
Supervisor: Rabbi (E.S.)

Job Description:
Beth Meyer Synagogue, a Jewish house of prayer and learning community, invites applications for quarter-time work as a Ritual Coordinator. A detail-oriented and emotionally intelligent volunteer manager, the Ritual Coordinator collaborates with clergy, Ritual Committee members, and staff to preserve and strengthen gateways for ritual participation and conducts assorted ritual tasks to meet the ritual needs of Beth Meyer Synagogue. Whenever feasible, the Ritual Coordinator is expected to empower congregants to co-execute with them the responsibilities described below.

On average, the Ritual Coordinator works ten hours per week. The work schedule varies with the Jewish calendar, and the Coordinator enjoys significant autonomy in choosing working hours.

Job Responsibilities:
• Develop and train corps of floor gabbaim capable of ‘stage-managing’ prayer services. Serve as floor gabbai when volunteers are unavailable.
• Direct or execute the care of ritual objects and furnishings in the Sanctuary, Chapel, and Beit Am to enrich prayer services. The following are sample care tasks:

a. Roll Sifrei Torah to appropriate spots each week. Support contracting of sofer(et) services to inspect and repair five Sifrei Torah and our Megillat Esther as funding permits.
b. Configure and illuminate yahrzeit plaque boards to remember loved ones.
c. Decorate bimah and Ark for holiday celebrations (e.g., floral arrangements for Shavuot, candelabra for Hanukkah, alternative Torah coverings for Yamim Noraim).

• Assist preparations for holiday prayer services and activities as requested (e.g., sukkot building, kashering kitchens for Pesah, polishing Torah scroll ornamentation for Yamim Noraim).
• Direct recording and preservation of Hebrew names on aliyah cards. Execute first-run of Hebrew text for yahrzeit plaques and cemetery markers.
• Support compliance with requirements of kashrut as outlined in the Kashrut and Allergy Policy.
• Serve as point of contact and resource for ritual inquiries. Support the volunteer Torah/Haftarah readings coordinator to conduct their duties.
• When clergy are absent, lead or ensure leadership of these prayer services:

a. Shabbat morning services on Saturdays at 9:30 a.m.
b. Minyanim on Sundays at 9:30 a.m. and Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m.
c. Shiva minyanim.

• Execute other duties as requested to support synagogue operations (e.g., holiday staffing, visitor assistance, room set-ups and take-downs).

Compensation and Benefits:
1. The base salary for the Ritual Coordinator job is $15,000.
2. The base vacation leave award for the Ritual Coordinator is two weeks. The Ritual Coordinator earns compensation on office holidays. Leave is permitted for other reasons (e.g., preventative care, mourning) described in our Employee Handbook.
3. Funds for training and professional development are available for this job and are disbursable at supervisor discretion.

Application Instructions:
To apply, please e-mail your résumé and a cover letter to Jonathan Wertheim, Executive Director, at Interview decisions are delivered within two business days of receipt of a complete application — no reasons will be given for decisions. Just one interview round is planned before hiring.

Fri, September 22 2023 7 Tishrei 5784