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Year-End Giving

With the passing of the New Year, the closing of the 2018 tax year will rapidly be upon us. As these decidedly-practical considerations come to the forefront, the Fundraising Committee wants to remind everyone about the different ways you can connect these considerations to Beth Meyer. The vast majority of contributions to Beth Meyer come via check or bank draft. Below are two options that may or may not apply to you.

     1. Highly Appreciated Stock - Have you benefitted from the stock market's gains over the last several years? Do you have stock that you want to sell, but are concerned about capital gains taxes? Does your company pay you compensation in stock, restricted stock, or stock options? Do you participate in a stock purchase plan? Contributions of stock to a qualified charity allows you to deduct the market value of your holdings - irrespective of your purchase price. To obtain transfer information, please contact either Gary Kindler or Marvin Marblestone of Capital Asset Management Corp. at (919) 847-5439.

     2. Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) from an IRA - Are you older than age 70.5 with an IRA? If so, you can make contributions directly to Beth Meyer from your IRA. These QCDs are not subject to income taxes and can count against your annual Required Minimum Distributions. Since the distribution is not subject to income tax, these contributions are not deductible from your income taxes. Be sure to consult with your tax advisor about how this strategy may help you.

Life Events - Do you expect your income to change (up or down) in the next few years? Are you selling a business? Are you thinking about retirement? These transitions can be nerve-wracking and time-consuming. We would be honored, and welcome the opportunity, to have a proactive conversation about how Beth Meyer could be a part of those plans. Please contact Karl Mundt, Finance Committee Chair, at to discuss further. 

As always, general donations can be made to many of our funds from the Giving section on this website.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Beth Meyer. 

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