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• Calendar of B-Mitzvah (June 2024 to December 2025) 

• Important Policy Documents

• A Guide to Becoming B-Mitzvah at Beth Meyer Synagogue 
• B-Mitzvah Final Checklist
• Facilities Use Policy (Full and Condensed for B-Mitzvah Families)
• Policy on Kashrut and Allergy Inclusion

• Audio Library for At-Home B-Mitzvah Practice

• For Family and Friends

Video Demonstrations of Service Honors 
Guide to the Shabbat Morning Prayer Service 
Sample Welcome Letter for Non-Jewish Guests 
Prayer for Peace 

• Ushering

SignUpGenius for B-Mitzvah Greeters 2023-24 
Guidelines for Ushering on Shabbat Mornings 

• Program Booklet Templates

• Program Booklet #1 
• Program Booklet #2 
• Program Booklet #3 

• Where’s the Mitzvah in Bar/Bat Mitzvah? (Tips for Choosing a Mitzvah Project) 

• “Greening” Your Simha (Celebration) 

∞ It is fully optional to supply a program booklet to welcome guests and congregants. If you choose to do so, though, please run it by Cathy before printing. 

Thu, July 18 2024 12 Tammuz 5784