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Beth Meyer Synagogue is enriched by a corps of volunteers who donate gifts of the heart — time, creativity, and expertise — and lead with lovingkindness. Volunteerism built Beth Meyer Synagogue, and we depend on its blessings to sustain our caring community. We know that this holy work takes countless forms, from serving on committees to greeting newcomers on Shabbat mornings. Olam hesed yibaneh — we are building this world with our love.  

Like everyone, ‘free’ time is not something I have an abundance of, however, I consider it a blessing to be able to serve ... I say, ‘Baruch Hashem!’ every time I put on that CSS jacket to serve alongside my brothers and sisters ... You will be paid off in an abundance of pride and purpose!

-Steve Katz, Member


Join our Membership Committee 

Eager for new connections? Try out the Membership Committee, an innovative volunteer and staff collaboration driving the growth of our kehillah kedoshah (sacred community). Surprise new members with welcome swag bags, bravely collect ‘veteran’ member feedback, and spot opportunities for improvement of our work. Meet Graham Satisky, Committee Chair, over a cup of coffee. 

Usher at a Prayer Service 

Greeters are stationed at the entrance of the Main Building and in front of our Sanctuary to welcome friends and visitors to our sacred home. On Shabbat mornings, select Friday nights, and at major holiday celebrations, ushers lend helping hands to enrich our prayer experience — they keep things running smoothly so that we can walk the spiritual path together. 

  • In her role as our lead usher/greeter, Ellen Adelman trains new ushers. To be added to the usher email group, contact her. Ellen distributes SignUpGenius links for Shabbat mornings and major Jewish holidays. 

  • B-Mitzvah families take turns ushering for each other — sign up for a classmate’s simhah (celebration) here

Protect Our Sacred Home 

Steve Katz and Phil Weinstein co-lead CSS, a volunteer team spearheading the safety of our shul. Trained by experts, CSS volunteers collaborate with sworn law enforcement officers to patrol our grounds, deter threats, and respond to emergencies. For more information or to earn your CSS badge and uniform, email Steve and Phil here

Set Up for a Community Nosh 

It takes a shtetl (a small Jewish village)! We need an army of bakers and decorators to help prepare the signature meals that bring us together — kiddush lunches, Shabbat dinners, and our second night Passover Seder. No matter how much time you have to give, there is a spot on our nosh squad for you. Ana Pugatch, our Program Manager, organizes meal setup, take-down, baking, and decoration. Click here to join her mailing lists. 

Nurture Our Littlest Members 

Truly, the rewards of volunteering at preschool are heartwarming. As you read aloud stories, join pretend play, and spread your arms wide for hugs, you will understand why our tradition compares children to awe-inspiring gifts from God. Rebecca Krantz, our Preschool Director, will guide you to complete state-required paperwork — send her a message here

Moderate a Zoom Room 

Do a mitzvah from the comfort of your home! Zoom moderators co-facilitate with our clergy core program and service experiences such as gatherings for shiva and adult ed. courses. As one long-time moderator attests, “I’ve received rewarding feedback from members who live far away and are unable to participate without [Zoom].” To start your training, message Ana Pugatch, our Program Manager. 

Deliver a Homecooked Meal  

Hop on a Hesed-organized meal train to gift a delicious, homemade dinner to a member who needs the support of our shul community. This beloved gesture nourishes the body and soul and sparks joy in both the meal preparer and the recipient. Email Melissa Kindler to be added to our meal train email group. 

Serve on the Photography Corps 

We want pictures — and lots of them! Take out your smartphone and snap that perfect shot to grow our community’s photo album, freezing in time the sacred moments when our souls were lifted. Lauren Isaacs, our Communications Manager, uses a email group to coordinate event photography — reach out to join and review our media practices.  

Offer Comfort to Mourners

Rabbi Hama bar Hanina, a Talmudic sage, taught that consoling the bereaved was a means of “walking in God’s ways” (Sotah 14a). Elizabeth Portnoy and Sharyn Shapiro, Hesed Committee members, coordinate our grief care — they compassionately aid members to observe shiva and prepare and deliver meals of consolation if needed. Email Elizabeth to get involved.

Lead a Prayer Service 

We celebrate volunteer service leadership on Shabbat and at our weekday prayer gatherings, including shiva minyanim. Our clergy and ritual leaders are delighted to coach and tutor you to expand your service leadership toolkit — connect with Rabbi Michael Eisenstein, our Ritual Coordinator, to get started. 

Give a Mitzvah Ride  

Non-driving seniors can call the Mitzvah Ride Corps to request car transportation to and from Beth Meyer Synagogue for prayer services and select programs. To volunteer your time (and your car!), contact our office — when ride requests come in, we connect drivers and seniors to create rewarding friendships. 

Open Your Holiday Table to Guests 

“Welcoming guests is greater than welcoming the Shehinah (the Divine Presence).”  — Talmud Shabbat 127a.

Each year, our team matches dozens of community members and visitors with hosts who graciously open their homes and hearts to guests for Rosh Hashanah, Break-Fast, Passover Seders, and Thanksgiving. Email Rabbi Jenny to join our hospitality crew. 









Commonly translated as a “commandment,” or colloquially translated as a “good deed,” we live out our Jewish lives through mitzvot (plural of mitzvah). But perhaps the Hasidic understanding of mitzvah as an “invitation for connection” is most resonant.  With every mitzvah — big or small, ritualistic or interpersonal — we are offered a sacred opportunity to connect with something bigger than ourselves.

Sun, June 16 2024 10 Sivan 5784