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Ritual immersion in a mikveh — a gathering of living water (mayim hayim) — marks a change in personal status. In Jewish tradition, water is part of our sacred narrative, as when Hebrews traveled through the waters of the Red Sea as they fled Egypt, marking their transformation from a tribe of slaves into a free people. Mikveh is a Jewish ritual that symbolically enacts this kind of profound change for individuals. 

People immerse at Libi Eir (Awakened Heart): The Wendy Brown Community Mikveh at Beth Meyer Synagogue to celebrate moments of joy, to heal after times of sorrow or illness, or to recognize transitions and changes. All are welcome to immerse here for traditional purposes (e.g., for converts to Judaism, for women observing niddah [the mitzvah of immersing monthly following menstruation]) or to commemorate a variety of occasions: reading from the Torah for the first time, finishing a period of study, undergoing surgery, becoming a (grand)parent, or reaching a new age. For inspiration, read this testimonial from a volunteer Mikveh Guide. 

Rabbi Jenny directs Libi Eir — call her at (214) 886-5079 or email to schedule immersions or with any questions (browse our FAQs here). Daytime appointments are generally available for everyone — evening hours are set aside for women, only. Libi Eir is closed on Shabbatot and Jewish holidays. If there are any special circumstances surrounding your immersion, let Rabbi Jenny know and she will do everything possible to accommodate your needs. 

It is customary to give tzedakah (a charitable contribution) when visiting a mikveh. The dollar amounts listed below are suggestions — no one will be turned away due to inability to give. Gifts are directed to the care, improvement, and promotion of Libi Eir.

Area synagogues join Libi Eir as sustaining members — their consistent, annual giving enables long-range planning for our mikveh work. Mikveh membership provides full rabbinic privileges to officiate at conversions and other rituals for 12 months.

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