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“The beginning of the Torah is hesed (lovingkindness), the middle of the Torah is hesed, and the end of the Torah is hesed. At the beginning, God clothes Adam and Eve; at the end God buries Moses. In the ‘middle,’ God visits Abraham when he is in need of healing.”  — Midrash Tanhuma, Vayishlah 10 


Hesed is the beating heart of our tradition, our steadfast, relational love that is the foundation for Jewish living and learning. At Beth Meyer Synagogue, our members support one another in times of joy, challenge, and transition — from welcoming newborns to confronting illness and loss. For an overview and directory of our hesed services, browse this publication

Pastoral care

Rabbi Eric and Rabbi Jenny are available to members and their loved ones seeking to share, unburden, and understand their own hearts. Contact our clergy directly via email to request pastoral counseling or make a referral. In the event of a clergy emergency after office hours (e.g., reporting a death), call our emergency line to be redirected to the personal cell phone of an on-call care provider (usually our rabbis). This line is closely monitored, and someone will return your call as promptly as possible.  

To leave a message on the emergency line, dial (919) 848-1420 then press 1. 

hesed Committee Care

The Hesed Committee, a compassionate corps of volunteers, collaborates with our clergy to meet the short-term, practical and emotional needs of our community. Among other tasks, we count on Hesed Committee members for: 

  • Mitzvah rides — providing vehicle transportation to and from Beth Meyer Synagogue for prayer services and select programs. 

  • Nihum aveilim — comforting members who have experienced the death of a loved one. 

  • Member outreach — writing cards of encouragement and support and easing loneliness with phone calls and visits. 

  • Baby welcome baskets — delivering gifts to welcome our youngest new members. 

  • Meal trains — preparing homemade dinners for new parents and members recovering from illness.

To join or support this holy work, email Rabbi Jenny




Gemilut Hasadim, acts of loving kindness, are the foundation upon which we stand at Beth Meyer.  We are here to cultivate kindness and build a world of love, as we read in Psalm 89:3, olam hesed yibaneh —  “the world is built upon steadfast love.”

Sun, June 16 2024 10 Sivan 5784