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A Welcome Message from Rabbi Jenny Solomon

I am truly honored to join Rabbi Eric and the Beth Meyer Staff as a leader of this kehillah kedoshah (holy community).  This is our spiritual home and I consider it a true privilege and honor to offer spiritual leadership to all who join our Beth Meyer family. 
My journey as a rabbi has unfolded organically, piece by piece, taking the shape of a quilt- varied, textured, yet woven together into a unified cloth.  The thread that binds all the pieces is ahavah- love.  With this love, I have had the privilege of teaching adults and young children, counseling, leading prayer, facilitating rituals, and directing our community mikveh.  Whether I am teaching a Jewish Parenting class, leading Shabbat morning prayers or guiding someone through the mikveh for the first time, I have cultivated my capacity to lead with love- intentionally drawing each person closer to our tradition, to community, to their deepest self, and ultimately, to God, however s/he understands that notion.
From that first milestone of s'micha (ordination) until the present moment, my path into motherhood has been inextricably linked to my development and work as a rabbi.  In those early months of my oldest daughter's life, I wondered how I would find my way into the fullness of what it meant to live as a rabbi.  I have come to understand that my intensive and devoted work as a mother was an invaluable part of my rabbinic training and who I am as a leader.  I continue to use the vast skills and wisdom I have gained as a parent in the work I do each and every day.
Like motherhood, my rabbinate is deeply personal.  The title of "rabbi" is not a name tag I put on and take off depending on where I find myself.  It is who I am.  A teacher.  A spiritual parent.  A loving guide.  A leader.  
Sat, April 13 2024 5 Nisan 5784