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Our congregants participate during services in many ways.

At some point in your time at Beth Meyer, you may be called upon to perform beautiful Torah honors at prayer services, lifecycle events, or the upcoming High Holy Days prayer services. Please watch as Rabbis Eric and Jenny walk through how to perform these honors:
How to Make an Aliyah to the Torah
How to Open and Close the Ark
Tallit and Kippah: How to Wear a Prayer Shawl and Head Covering
Torah Lifting and Dressing: Hagbahah and G'lilah

Lay leaders assist with weekday minyanim (prayer services), Friday night services, and the Shabbat Musaf (additional) service. Additional service leaders are needed several times each year when the rabbi is away. The weekly Torah readings are chanted almost entirely by congregants. Our wonderful ushers welcome congregants each week during services.

If you would like to volunteer your services, the following is a list of helpful contacts:
• To assist with Friday night services, contact Amy Ripps.

• To volunteer to lead the Musaf service on Shabbat, contact Jeff Margolis.

• To volunteer as an occasional service leader, contact Linda Brinkley.

• To volunteer as an usher, use the SignUp Genius, or contact Ellen Adelman.

• To be added to the roster of Torah/Haftarah readers, contact Bonnie Leach.
     • Reference materials for Torah/Haftarah readers:
          • To view and print pictures of the Torahuse this link.
          • To reserve future readings, visit

• For Torah trope resources, visit this page.

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