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Below you'll find a selection of Libi Eir Mikveh press clippings. If you would like to feature Libi Eir Mikveh in your publication, please contact Rabbi Dr. Jenny Solomon by calling (214) 886-5079 or e-mailing

Community Trip to Libi Eir Mikveh in Raleigh, North Carolina
Mayyim Hayyim's Rising Tide Open Waters Mikveh Network 

As seen in the July/August 2021/5781 edition of the United Jewish Community of the Virginia Peninsula's Jewish Community News, News of the Jewish VA Peninsula Community. Republished with permission. 

Community Trip to Libi Eir Mikveh in Raleigh, North Carolina  

Danile Spokony: After taking off my shoes and entering the sacred space of the Libi Eir Mikveh at Beth Meyer Synagogue, I wanted to know more about this ancient tradition and how immersing can be more than just fulfilling a Mitzvah. Rabbi Jenny introduced me to other instances of why one might want to immerse. These more contemporary uses for different life transitions has inspired me to want to take those 7 steps for myself.  

Meryl Kessler: I have had a dream to have an egalitarian Mikveh in our Community! Our trip was part of a dream come true — seeing the amazing reactions from this group of women. We were all “blown away” by our Mikveh Guide, Rabbi Jenny Solomon, as she taught us the history and modern needs for the Jewish Community!

Kelli Caplan: The trip to see the Mikveh in Raleigh was insightful and inspirational. The facility was beautifully maintained and inviting. I was most impressed by both the Mikveh and Rabbi Jenny, who clearly pours her heart and soul into it. I am very happy to bring everything we learned about the Mikveh’s inception, operation, and maintenance back to our community.  

Sarah Barnett: I don’t believe that any of us could have walked away from our Libi Eir visit with the notion that a community Mikveh is not a good idea (building and cost aside). Seeing is believing, and Libi Eir is a perfect example of what a contemporary community Mikveh can mean to a congregation and a community, spiritually, physically, culturally, and religiously. From the minute we entered the Beth Meyer Synagogue and met Rabbi Jenny, the force behind the building and running of Libi Eir, we were all enamored and inspired. Our visit provided the perfect opportunity to examine a Mikveh and Mikveh program that has successfully run for 10 years, and has enhanced the community of Raleigh, North Carolina.  

Jessi Malkin: I was completely taken with the beauty and tranquility surrounding me from the moment I entered the lobby. The sense of peace continued and only got stronger as we visited the Mikveh rooms. I was disappointed that I was unable to utilize such a beautiful and serene place. I have never immersed, but I now look forward to my first immersion.  

Wendy Eisner: As someone who is not religious, this has become an educational journey for me. Raleigh was the first time I’ve ever seen a Mikveh, learned about what it can mean, and fit into my life. My Mikveh experience has been different than I expected. As I learn more about a modern Mikveh, I am intrigued about how I can incorporate the submersion experience into my life. This is truly something I thought I would never even think of, yet, here I am!  

Our UJCVP is a member of the consortium RISING TIDE, a national network devoted to opening the Mikveh Experience to the entire Jewish Community. For information contact Meryl Kessler at Our committee is co-chaired by Dr. Gary Kavit, Scott Wolf, and Meryl Kessler. 

Mayyim Hayyim's Rising Tide Open Waters Mikveh Network 

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