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Progressive Kehillah (PK) at Beth Meyer is a community within the larger Beth Meyer congregation that provides a space for those concerned with progressive political, social, and moral issues and their expression within the Beth Meyer community. This group was formed by members of Beth Meyer who are committed to infusing our Jewish life with the prophetic call for a world of social justice, human rights and dignity, compassion and non-violence. The intention is to offer opportunities for serious reflection and dialogue on issues that confront us as a community and a nation, as these speak to issues of critical social, moral and political significance. We recognize and honor the diversity of perspectives and ideas that constitute the Beth Meyer congregation. In that spirit we hope to encourage conversations that are reflective of a civil, respectful and caring community. We welcome the participation of all Beth Meyer members at our events.

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Links and Events

• Standing Up to Hate Event Recap
• Progressive Kehillah Resolution on Expanding Medicaid in NC
• Svi Shaprio's D'Var Torah: "On Being a Progressive Jew: My Journey"

Sat, April 13 2024 5 Nisan 5784